Monatiquot River Restoration

Photos from River Clean Ups

Monatiquot River Sign

The Monatiquot River has been a passion of mine since 2013 when I discovered what has long been a hidden gem in Braintree. I helped organized an annual river clean up in 2014 to clean up the river and and build a base of volunteers and concerned citizens to care about the future of the river and help advocate for the restoration of fish passage in the river.

In November of 2014, the Town of Braintree acquired a grant to rebuild the Dam at Great Pond Reservoir and build a fish ladder for herring.

In Spring of 2015, I successfully lobbied to get the Town to install signage at the river crossings with roads in town. This helped gain visibility to the river as an important resource. I also lobbied the state to put signs on their stream crossings

In December of 2016, after advocacy to local, state and federal officials, the Monatiquot River Restoration was designated a priority project by the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration. This designation helped catalyze the process to remove the Armstrong and Ames Pond Dams on the river.

In December of 2017, the fish ladder was installed at Great Pond Reservoir.

As of Fall 2019 the dam removal project for Armstrong and Ames Pond Dams is in final design and permitting process. The dams are expected to be removed in Spring/Summer of 2021. Fish passage around the rock falls will also be completed.

Great Pond Fish Ladder

Installed in 2017

Armstrong Dam

Dam to be removed in 2021

Ames Pond Dam

To be removed in 2021

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